Schwimmbad im Apartmenthotel Rüther in PapenburgFitnessraum im Apartmenthotel Rüther in PapenburgFussbad der Sauna im Apartmenthotel Rüther in PapenburgSauna im Apartmenthotel Rüther in Papenburg

Treat yourself to a short break by unwinding in an ambience conducive to a feeling of wellbeing by using the fitness/leisure facilities:
  • Finnish and infra-red sauna
  • Swimming pool with 28°C water temperature
  • Rest room with beach chairs and couches
  • Hot bench with foot bath
  • Gym

Indulge in time out after a long day by slipping into a soft cuddly bath robe. Enjoy the relaxing sensation of our hot bench as the warmth seeps into your body softening tired muscles and celebrate, in preparation for a sauna in the Finnish or infra-red sauna, a foot bath. Enjoy a swim in the pool and use the rest room to relax, or energize after a busy day with a workout in the gym.

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